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Ludmilla is an innovative school that provides exciting educational experiences for students from the local area, Defence Forces, and Bagot Community. We have a rich diversity of cultures that makes our school unique. All students are integrated into classroom learning with provision for special needs offered in a supportive environment. The students benefit from the smaller groupings and intensive teaching.

Our school motto is “Together we can achieve anything” and we strive hard to demonstrate this in everything we do. We have also recently re-developed our school values to reflect what we think is important for our young people to have instilled both for their present and their future. These values are:

Adaptability For adults – Demonstrating resilience and creativity to adapt and contribute to a changing world.

For children – New things can be hard to do, but we can handle it together.

Care For adults – Providing a safe place where we all feel secure. For children – Caring for your friends like you care for your family.

Community For adults – Creating a community of ongoing mutual support and fostering the creative development of each individual. For children – Never being left out, because we are all in the school together.

Growth For adults – Enabling all individuals to grow within our school community. For children – Growing up as your own person

Responsibility For adults – Taking ownership of your actions and accepting the consequences. For children – Telling the truth no matter how hard it is.

Our dragonfly logo is a symbol of change and a new beginning, which is how we feel about tackling the future. Much like dragonflies symbolize the change of season in Darwin – we are keen about responding to an exciting future both locally and globally.

We have fantastic programs for all of our students including an extensive Digital Technology commitment, which means we have SmartBoards in all of our classrooms as a tool for accelerating learning and promoting engagement. Robotics and coding for all students from Year 1 – Year 6 to complement our STEAM program. Our specialist teachers offer Art, Music, Science, Indonesian, History and Social Science.

Recently the school launched our new ‘Ludmilla Early Education Precinct’, (LEEP). As part of our ‘LEEP’ program we have been selected to be a ‘Families as First Teachers’, (FAFT) centre, providing 15 hours of playgroup to our community each week. LEEP also offers a ‘Three Year Old Kindy’. Together with our Preschool Program we are providing rich learning opportunities and pathways for 0 – 4 years of age. Transition to Year 2 is also part of the LEEP. Transition through to Year 2 enjoy double size classrooms with flexible learning spaces equipped with state of the art technology, small class sizes and a fulltime educational support assistant and highly skilled Early Childhood teachers.

I encourage you to take a look around our website and get in touch with us should you like to know more about our wonderful school. Being as proud as we are of Ludmilla Primary School, we are always delighted to talk about it!

Carol Putica Principal


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