Staff List

Name: Carol Putica

Position: Principal


Name: Anthony Brereton

Position: Senior Teacher


Name: Jasmine Wilkie

Position: Preschool Teacher in Charge / FAFT coordinator


Name: Kate Murray

Position: Preschool Teacher


Name: Caroline Hughes

Position: T/1 Teacher


Name: Jan Henschke

Position: 1/2 Teacher


Name: Althea Bannister

Position: 3/4/5 Teacher


Name: Nicole Kaye

Position:4/5/6 Teacher


Name: Sian Edeson

Position: Music Specialist


Name: Amanda Rains

Position: Art Specialist


Name: Tom Harold

Position: Digital Technologies Consultant


Name: Ibu Putu

Position: Indonesian Language and Culture specialist (Darwin School of Languages)


Name: Sandra Gray

Position: Special Ed assistant


Name: Rose Gerlach

Position: Admin officer


Name: Charlotte Nefiodovas

Position: Admin/IT/Library


Name:   Craig Viellaris

Position: AIEW


Name: Daniell Theodore-Smith

Position: Preschool Assistant