Ludmilla Early Education Precinct (LEEP)

Ludmilla Early Education Precinct (LEEP)

Ludmilla School is excited to announce the new Ludmilla Early Learning Precinct (LEEP)!
LEEP is dedicated to providing enriched caregiving opportunities for families and children in the early years. LEEP caters for children 0 – 7 years of age. LEEP offers quality evidenced based programs supported by experienced educators to ensure that your child has the best start to their education.

LEEP includes: —
Families as First Teachers – Teacher Supported playgroups for children and families from 0—4 years with education games and parent capacity building.

Mums and Bubs
Programs where families are linked to support services and are able to explore the Abecedarian Approach with their children.

Three Year Old Kindy
Stepping stones in to preschool—using the current preschool settings and the Early Years Learning Framework for easy transition to preschool.

Ludmilla Preschool
Experienced Early Years educators dedicated to giving all preschool children the foundations for success through play-based learning.

Transition – Year 2
Experienced teachers with a holistic approach to support early learning. All classes have a fulltime support assistant trained in Early Childhood Education. Large flexible learning spaces, small class sizes and open ended individualized learning with a strong focus on learning through play.
Each class is supported by an Arts, Music, Language, Science and Digital Technologies specialist.

Families as First Teachers FaFT

Program Goal
The overall goal of the FaFT program is to improve the lifelong education, health and wellbeing outcomes for young Northern Territory children and their families. The FaFT program uses the Abecedarian Approach Australia (3a) and provides quality early childhood programs.

Program Objectives
The FaFT program has the following objectives:
1. Provide quality early childhood programs with a focus on early literacy and numeracy foundations for young children (birth to three years old) and their families.
2. Prepare children and their families for successful transition to preschool.
3. Build capacity of families and community members to support the healthy development of young children.
4. Develop community-based resources and increase the availability of resources for learning and parenting programs.
5. Up-skill an Indigenous workforce in knowledge of early learning and family support
6. Increase collaboration with partner agencies in service delivery.
7. Build capacity of communities to deliver early childhood services.


Ludmilla Preschool

Hours: Wednesday and Thursday 8:00am – 2:30pm, Friday 8:00am to 10:00am

Phone: (08) 8983 7889

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