Welcome to Ludmilla Primary School

"together we can achieve anything"

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About Ludmilla Primary School

Ludmilla Primary School is a small, well resourced government primary school in Darwin. It was established in 1967, making it one of the oldest primary schools in the Territory. The school population is approximately 130, with classes from Preschool to Year 6. Ludmilla School is where students are known as individualsand they benefit from smaller groupings and intensive teaching.


Our School Motto “Together we can achieve anything’, demonstrates our commitment to being a true community school built on an atmosphere where everyone belongs. Our student population comes from the local area, the Defence Forces and the Bagot Community. This gives our school a rich diversity of cultures.


We are proud of our fine record of achievement at Ludmilla. Through our programs we aim to provide opportunities for each child to reach their full potential.

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Our Programs

Ludmilla has a variety of programs tailored to meet the wide range of students enrolled in our school. Our Literacy and Numeracy classes are strongly focused on developing skills that are important in a child's development and prepare them for their interation with the wider world.

In addition, at Ludmilla Primary School, we believe that healthy kids are active kids and that active kids are happy. As such, Ludmilla Primary School encourages our students to actively participate in all sporting events and activities available at the school.


The Bluearth Foundation is a national not-for-profit organisation whose focus is to increase the levels of physical activity amongst  Australians, in particular school aged children.

The key to the bluearth Approach and the reason it is so successful is the focus on the students' experiences as a result of participating in each activity.

The Bluearth caoch seeks feedback from the students throughout the session drawing on their feelings, reaction and thoughts that resulted from their participation.

Students are not told what is right or wrong, rather , through skillful guidance and questioning a range of powerful messages are reinforced.


These include:


Fair play

Consideration for others


Challenging oneself

Quality of Attention


Bluearth addresses the following critical areas of student development:


Ability to concentrate and remain focussed on specific tasks

Self confidence


Awareness of others

A willingness to accept new challenges

Improving behaviour/choices

Desire to attend school on Bluearth days

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KidsMatter is an Australian mental health and wellbeing initiative set in primary schools and early childhood education and care services. It's unique because it brings together all the most important people in a childs life - especially families!

Research clearly shows that children who are mentally healthy are better able to meet lifes challenges. They are also better learners and have stronger relationships.

Good mental health in childhood lays the foundations for the future, and it is never too early for families to start supporting the mental health of children.


Principal's Message


Welcome to Ludmilla Primary School. Ludmilla is an innovative school that provides exciting educational experiences for students from the Defence Forces, local area and Bagot Community.


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