Sport & Activities

Sport and physical education is a priority at Ludmilla Primary. We encourage all students to develop positive attitudes to being part of a team, learning new skills and healthy living. We aim to offer a wide range of sports and skill development. Ludmilla Primary takes a diverse and creative approach to physical education, understanding that improved physical fitness and engaging in team and individual sports helps to maintain positive wellbeing. As part of our physical education program, we offer:
  • Starting the day with morning fitness
  • Inter school sport. Joining with our city hub schools to enjoy developing a range of skills across a range of sports and joining in friendly competitions. Sports focussed on in 2022 are:-
    • Netball
    • AFL
    • Basketball
    • Circus Skills
    • Dance
    • Track and Field
  • Weekly circus skills and training classes
  • BEAT Dancing and Choir from Transition to Year 6.
  • Primary School Challenge for inter school AFL afterschool fitness program
  • Organised lunchtime sports and skills coordinated by our Aboriginal Islander Education Worker (AIEW). Skills include: throwing, catching, hitting and team building skills.